The Clean Yogi is beautiful heartfelt guide to cleaning up your act and getting the most out of your health and your life. This book is clear, powerful & inspiring with some great recipes to guide you along the way. Tiffany Cruikshank

Discover the Essentials: Body, Mind, Spirit and Space

A healthy body begins in your mind. It’s about aligning your body, mind, spirit and space to be fuelled with energy, to look and feel your best. It is a holistic approach to health and beauty from the inside out

I’m sitting in my sarong here in Sri Lanka, and I can’t stop crying. I just read through “The Clean Yogi”, a book that my dear friend Alexa just published after many moons of heart work and hard work. Alexa is the real deal. In an industry that has taken a somewhat questionable turn, Alexa remains true to the heart, embodying the essence of all that is good. I contributed a recipe to this book, but there are SO many fabulous, inspiring, healthy creations in here- along with the emotional and spiritual aspects that come along with the physical food itself. As someone who struggles with eating for comfort and appeasing emotions, I cannot wait to step into a guided path to a more healthy relationship with my food. Alexa, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for this incredible, beautiful, intimate piece of art. We are better for it. Caillin Calahan

The Clean Yogi Goes Beyond Food

The Clean Yogi is for anyone (even holistic health and yoga newbies) who loves life and is ready to experience a strong sense of health, inner connectedness and happiness. There is so much more to achieving this than food and eating habits.  It recognises the importance of how you maintain balance and how you feel each day. Using the easy-to-prepare, delicious new recipes, you will learn how to harness the cleansing and nutritive potential of your food to elevate you each day.

Over 100 Signature Clean Yogi Recipes

EVERY RECIPE IS: Plant based, gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, food paired

Meet the fascinating people who have contributed to the Clean Yogi Book

Meet the Experts

Welcome home.

Whether you are a newbie, or you’ve been a foodie & yoga lover for years, this book is the next level of your journey. It will help you to ease away from the confusion and anxiety around food, exercise and eating – and on the path of being filled with peace, beauty and joy. In this book I teach you what I have learned on my journey, as well working with my clients, students and readers. Your health, your beauty, your life will change… with oceans of love, Alexa

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