Cleansing and detoxing should be an ongoing journey. Living clean is not a crash diet, it’s a verb. The Clean Yogi is a fad-diet-free zone, it’s a journey on which you learn for life.

This book is the real deal. Alexa has created a truly comprehensive guide, which is jam packed with knowledge, insight, and experience. So visually appealing, this book is presented artfully, and yet not overdosed with graphics and pretty pictures. Instead, The Clean Yogi is abundant in high quality and useful content, providing the reader with true value. A wise investment for the health seeker!

Amy Landry

The Clean Yogi is a success plan with steps and tools that are useful for you and easy to follow so you will have a sustainable solution and long-lasting results for your individual lifestyle.

The Clean Yogi will set your ongoing foundation for detoxifying and cleansing in a realistic and mindful fashion.


The Clean Yogi is for your Prana-body.  Prana means life force. This energy (also known as Chi) is present on all levels, mind, body and spirit. When we live cleaner, we enhance the flow of this energy. We feel lighter, more focused, peaceful and WE begin to GLOW!


I feel strongly about a clean diet as it has helped me to become who I am today, to create this book, to support my community, to teach on my yoga retreats all around the world and to do what I love most. Yoga, surfing, teaching, studying, reading, writing…


The Clean Yogi emphasises not only eating natural and intelligently designed meals, but also the use of green smoothies to feel fully satisfied throughout the day and to release toxins out of our bodies. It is important to look at proper food combining as this helps to metabolise and digest efficiently. The Clean Yogi Eats section promotes plant-based, food combined and alkalising foods to reduce inflammation, increase flexibility, fitness, strength, mental clarity, inner and outer wellbeing. Your prana-body will shine!


The Clean Yogi is designed to help you get back on track to a lifestyle of ongoing cleansing. It’s not fad diet! It’s not a short cut. Yes, most people loose weight, but the Clean Yogi is designed as a tool to help you to get back on track to long-term success and progress, to better awareness and eating habits. It’s accessible for everyone and a wonderful way to start a more glowing, energised and happier life. It’s all interconnected. You will see…


You are what you eat, what you think, what you do and the environment you are living in. Be open for change. Be open for more glow and live your happiness.

What's the difference to other approaches?

The Clean Yogi is not just a short-term fix. It’s about reconnecting with the inner wisdom you’ve had all along but have forgotten to tune into. It’s holistic and it’s real. It gives you realistic tools you can use everyday.
Your body is changing daily, monthly, yearly and seasonally. What worked for you at one time may not work now. It’s so essential to take the time throughout the year to go through this process and get back in tune with your body.

Fad diets are not sustainable. Clean eating is a natural, logical, functional approach. If you look at the Mediterranean ‘diet’, you will see it’s a way of eating for life, not a diet to be adopted when you want to shed that extra weight. The ingredients and staples are just delicious and help lower the risk of heart disease; you stay slim and age more slowly.


What Is Clean Living?

Some say clean living is a revolution. Others say this is the most sensible way to eat and simply something we have forgotten to do. Clean living is a wholesome remembrance involving real healthy food and the elimination of toxins from our mind and environment. While most who switch to clean eating and a more conscious lifestyle do so to balance their weight, undoubtedly everyone gains something even more valuable: we can let go of the fearful feelings related to eating and embrace a whole lot of joy and pleasure.

You can’t beat the beauty of simple, fresh and unprepared food. In fact, one of the great pleasures in life is eating a juicy apple that’s filled with flavour, or crunching on lively fresh green vegetables. You can almost see the flavours of fresh vegetables presented in their original form. The more our food is manipulated and reconstructed, the more we are separated from the original food and its source. It is necessary to realise that good, clean food is a recipe for a long and healthy life. You are what you eat, so be a bowl of luscious vibrant salad instead of a spongy old burger!

Why Living Cleaner?

A cleaner lifestyle will help you to rebalance, restore and heal your body and mind. By living clean, we are less prone to fall prey to food addictions, exacerbated by sugar, wheat and other ingredients found in processed foods.

Your body is designed to keep you healthy and happy, if you support it to carry out its functions, this self-healing mechanism works even better. Through living clean, you uncover and accelerate the full potential of your body’s detoxification system, which will result in enhanced ability to maintain balanced wellbeing, avoid illness and allergies, promote flexibility and help you age gracefully.

You can eat yourself happy. Wholesome foods can temporarily raise the levels of serotonin, our happy hormones that reduce anxiety and that constant feeling of stress. Onions, for instance, are a great source of quercetin, which reduces symptoms of depression caused by chronic stress. And leafy greens contain plenty of folate, which helps regulates our serotonin levels.

Clean Yogi Eats is not merely a collection of recipes. It’s a mix and match, follow your intuition type of recipe collection. In the book you don’t have to follow the meal plans exactly and can chose for your own taste and occasion. It is a rich resource to give you guidance and combat confusion on what to eat on a daily basis, so you learn how to feed your mind-body-spirit yourself.

You will be amazed at the change in how you feel once you live cleaner. This plan will properly cleanse your body. When you go through a detox, you release all of the unnecessary toxins that are stopping you from having more energy, lasting glow, and the ability to lose weight with ease.

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