Sean Corn on Clean Living

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Sean Corn on Clean Living

A few months ago, a small group of Aussie yogis and myself had the privilege to have dinner with Sean Corn where she shared with us her five non-negotiables for staying healthy, strong and happy.


‘Yoga. Meditation. Prayer. Diet. Therapy. These 5 things are non-negotiable in my daily life.’.


In an interview with Body Ecology Sean shares:

‘Back in the 50s and 60s, people didn’t understand toxicity. I didn’t “get” detox until I made the mind-body connection and realized that in order for it to be holistic, there had to be a physical and mental connection.

Focusing on detoxification gave me better skin and better hair. Being bloated was always an issue for me, and as I detoxified, I felt less bloated. Myimmune system was stronger, too. I used to get bronchitis often, but my body doesn’t produce mucus the same now. I feel cleaner.

My non-negotiables are yoga practice and being super-conscientious about diet. Being on the road is hardest. But if I don’t stay committed, I deplete myself. When I eat foods with refined sugar I feel the effects quickly.

Diet is a key component to maintaining balance. You are what you eat. Who I want to be is present, open, available, connected, and focused.

I encourage people to look at diet beyond how it serves and helps them, and how what they’re eating impacts the environment.

Look to other places in life where there’s an embodiment of poisons and judgment, and move toward forgiveness so you can release toxins.

Emotions like anger, rage and unresolved grief are toxic to body. They impact immunity and hormones, leaving the body and cells vulnerable to disease.

Do deep emotional work so that you can live more joyfully.’

I completely agree. The ‘cleaner’ my body and mind, the deeper and more efficient is my practice.

It’s all finely interrelated and we can break, worsen or improve the cycle on either end. It’s a choice we make, day by day, moment by moment.



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July 28, 2015

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