The Clean Yogi Low Fructose Smoothie

The Clean Yogi Low Fructose Smoothie


With the Clean Yogi Detox I’m offering a blood sugar stabilising and anti-inflammatory approach. It’s not about restrictions or starvation, and I want my detoxing yogis to feel full, happy and satisfied. The Clean Yogi Detox is not a diet or fad; it’s simply a down-to-earth lifestyle, based on scientific research.


Studies* have shown that people who start the day with protein feel more relaxed throughout the day, have less cravings post-meal and eat less overall.


The Clean Yogi Smoothie Equation will help you start the day energised, break the fast and access stored energy. It supports to cleanse and detoxify your system, helps you to stay regular and to avoid blood sugar spikes. You’ll also feed your precious body with fiber and ensure get a good dose of vitamins and minerals to help your immune system to thrive. To avoid cravings and too much snacking, I recommend including fat and protein.


The Clean Yogi Smoothie Equation

Liquid Base + Greens Unlimited + 1 Serving Protein (plant based) + 1 Serving Fibre +
1/4 cup Fructose +2 tbsp Fat + Superfood (optional)
= Nirvana Forever!!!



Liquid Base: Water, Green Tea, natural, unsweetened nut milk (eg. almond milk, cashew milk, macadamia milk, hemp milk or cold pressed green juice. Again: watch the sugar content in the green juice and avoid added fructose. Add liquid according to your preference of thickness. You’ll need at least a cup to get the blender moving.


Greens Unlimited: Anything works, my love. Spinach, kale, basil, parsley, cucumber or any other vegetables, herbs or leafy greens.


Protein: Choose a clean sprouted vegetarian protein, like pea or hemp protein, that is alkalizing, highly absorbable, low allergenic and contains none of the bad stuff. The amount you choose depends on your goals and lifestyle. The servings will vary depending on your selected protein, read the directions and add one serving per smoothie.


Fat, of course: Avocado or coconut oil.


Fiber: Flax or chia seeds and avocado are fantastic choices. The vegetables and fruit themselves are a great source of fibre too.


High Fructose Vegetables or Fruit (small amounts): Grapefruit, young bananas, young pears, young peaches, sour berries, beets or carrots. Frozen fruit works great to use instead of ice if you like your smoothie nice and thick (simply cut your fruit and freeze). Don’t use too much, you want to reduce fructose to keep blood sugar stable.


Superfoods and other Additives: Tumeric, bee pollen, goji berries, cocoa nibs, ginger, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, coconut flakes, himalayan salt, greens powder. Superfood added to your smoothie for supplemental needs or for a tasty addition. Take caution to avoid the blood sugar spiking dried fruit.



Blend your ingredients together to create creamy consistency.
Add ice (optional).



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July 22, 2015

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