Get your Clean Yogi Program + 108 Easy to Prepare Clean Recipes from Leading Expert Yogis and Nutritionists for  AUD $19.


In this book you’ll find effective and powerful daily routines for effective, sustainable weightloss, emotional balance and contagious energy.
A healthy diet is not just the most important part of weightloss, it is also the most important part in your emotional and physical wellbeing.


Everything you eat fuels yourself for the day, for your yoga session, your date at night, the time with your children, your work.


In order to jumpstart your metabolism, your food must be clean and nutritious. The Clean Yogi outlines how to eat properly, to detox your system naturally with ease, one day at a time.


And that’s not everything..


The Clean Yogi guides you through a variety of powerful tools that you can use to regain control of your weight and wellbeing.

This is an electronic PDF guide with interactive links throughout the book, contents and recipe index, for easy navigation.



You will discover:


Morning routines that help you tap into the source of your presence and power.


Evening routines that help you to experience restorative, rejuvenating sleep at night.


Yoga and meditation — simplified: How just a few minutes per day can transform your body, mind, your life!

And much more…



The Clean-yogi book contains:


108 delicious clean recipes from smoothies, juices, dips, raw meals, cooked meals, raw soups, warm soups, dressings, to snacks, desserts, transition recipes, and bonus meals.

A 14 day detox plan.

21 featured experts (world-known yogis, coaches, nutritionists) who share their secrets & recipes.





“The Clean Yogi is beautiful heart felt guide to cleaning up your act and getting the most out of your health and your life. This book is clear, powerful & inspiring with some great recipes to guide you along the way.” Tiffany Cruikshank – Yoga teacher, founder of





“Jaw droppingly awesome. I love the layout….the content….EVERYTHING. It really is exquisite and I must say, one of the best ebooks I have come across. Seriously!” Summah O’Donnell , Coach, Meditation teacher, Nutritionist in training






I’m sitting in my sarong here in Sri Lanka, and I can’t stop crying. I just read through “The Clean Yogi”, a book that my dear friend Alexa just published after many moons of heart work and hard work.

Alexa is the real deal. In an industry that has taken a somewhat questionable turn, Alexa remains true to the heart, embodying the essence of all that is good. I contributed a recipe to this book, but there are SO many fabulous, inspiring, healthy creations in here- along with the emotional and spiritual aspects that come along with the physical food itself.

As someone who struggles with eating for comfort and appeasing emotions, I cannot wait to step into a guided path to a more healthy relationship with my food. Alexa, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for this incredible, beautiful, intimate piece of art. We are better for it. Caillin Calahan,



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